Cartoons and License Art

An early color sample I did to get the assignment to illustrate full color Scooby stories for WB.

The Fishy Phantom
Cover to the third of my full color work for Scooby books.

The Creepy Chef
Love those traditional chef pants that CC is wearing! That must be what's so scary for Scooby and Shaggy.

The Samurai Ghost
The first Scooby story I did. It was fun doing research for my "Samurai Ghost" design!

Running from the Chef
You can almost hear the bongo drum sound effects as Scooby and Shaggy run and get nowhere!

Caught and Cornered
I like limiting the palette for this nighttime scene to just blue and yellow! Very effective.

Harry Potter
It's been my distinct honor to illustrate the movie tie-in activity books for the last 6 Harry Potter movies!

Class of Hogwarts
That's a lot of likenesses to nail on one page!

Prisoner of Azkaban
A quiet moment as the kids grow up.

Sirius Black
One of my favorite portrait pages (and favorite actors) from the HP series.

Alley Oop
A "movie style" cover I did for the Alley Oop comic books. Still waiting for the movie.

My pencils and inks on the daily Blondie comic strip for King Features


I very briefly inked a few pieces for Jim Davis (no relation) who coincidentally also lives close by.

The Phantom
An animated style Phantom I penciled and inked for an overseas publisher.

Cartoon Network Sunday Comics
A Sunday comic strip that appeared in the Spanish paper El Pais featuring your Cartoon Network pals.

More CN Funnies
The strip rotated Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls, and Codename Kids Next Door.

International Artist
I became a true international cartoonist drawing this weekly strip for over a year.

Spongebob Squarepants
I drew some Spongebob coloring books for Nickelodeon and finally earned the respect of my kids

What's more fun than a classic American icon like Archie?

Mother Goose
I really enjoyed this full color illustration packing in as many Mother Goose characters as I could think of

Fun Facts

  • Dan drew the Blondie comic strip daily for a brief fill-in period for King Features.

    Fun Fact #1
  • Dan illustrated Harry Potter activity books that tied into the last six movies of the series.

    Fun Fact #2
  • Dan drew The Phantom for a Swedish comic book company, bringing an animated style to "The Ghost Who Walks".

    Fun Fact #3
  • Dan was the artist for a Cartoon Network Sunday comics page that appeared in Spain in the famous newspaper El Pais!

    Fun Fact #4

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