Comic Book Illustration

"Mrs. Peel, We're needed!"
For the cover of Steed & Mrs. Peel #5 Pencils & Inks by me. Worked hard on getting Diana Rigg's likeness just right!

Cover to Issue 6 of Steed & Mrs. Peel
Iconic imagery of spies on the chessboard. My idea and they went for it!

BOOM released two variants of my cover
One in glorious black and white without a logo! Really like the simple yet graphic Steed face.

Cover Inks to Batman Brave & Bold #4
Pencils by the great Rick Burchett! It was a dream to ink this Eisner nominated series!

BBB Cover #6
Our best covers sported an all black background. Perfect for the Dark Knight! Clayface packs a punch!

BBB Cover #7
Mood lighting provided by Green Lantern! Loved the retro Batman outfit with the long ears!

BBB Cover #9
A very silver age style cover with Batman in space. Happily very typical of this series.

BBB Cover #15
Wow! My favorite DC character with my favorite Jack Kirby DC character! I was in heaven!

BBB Cover #16
Only thing better than the heroic male heroes in the animated Batman universe, are the stylish animated females! -- as Batgirl makes obvious!

Rogues Gallery
This Batman cover I inked with my pal Tim Levins penciling for Capstone Books.

Superman annoyed with Booster Gold!
More animated style inking with Tim Levins on pencils for Capstone Books.

Stepping away from the animated style
I helped ink Gene Ha on Phantom Stranger #6 as PS steps into a surreal world! Very detailed illustrative style and great storytelling!

Also from Phantom Stranger #6
I enjoy seeing these in black and white even more than color!

Break from the animated style
Helped ink Keith Giffen for Outsiders #34

Kirby style slugfest
This Kirby style slugfest really was a refreshing change of pace! Reminded me a lot of the comics I grew up on and brought back fun memories!

DC Holiday Special
Sleek superhero comics. Tim and I get Nightwing to the party on time!

Superman and Powergirl!
From Tangent miniseries. A more illustrative approach.

Compare Pencils and Inks!
Chris Jones pencils and my inks side by side.

Pencils by my pal Kevin West from Majestic 17 Wildstorm.

Justice League / Nascar!
A team up comic distributed only at Nascar Races. DC Comics.

Fantastic Four
Ink sample I did to sharpen my skills over my old friend Paul Pelletier's pencils.

Cartoon Network
From CN Action Pack #8. My pencils and inks on the cover!

My First Cover
Can you draw 3 different cartoon styles overnight for the cover? Sure!

Unused cover art for an early issue of CNAP. Plans change sometimes

Samurai Jack
One of my favorite splash pages from my time penciling and inking Samurai Jack

More Jack
Nice black and white design using Jack and Aku

Megas XLR Kirby style
I got to design my own Kirby badguy in this story. A bonus for me

Fun Facts

  • Dan drew the Blondie comic strip daily for a brief fill-in period for King Features.

    Fun Fact #1
  • Dan illustrated Harry Potter activity books that tied into the last six movies of the series.

    Fun Fact #2
  • Dan drew The Phantom for a Swedish comic book company, bringing an animated style to "The Ghost Who Walks".

    Fun Fact #3
  • Dan was the artist for a Cartoon Network Sunday comics page that appeared in Spain in the famous newspaper El Pais!

    Fun Fact #4

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