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Penciling the Garfield Comic Strip!

That's right-- the one in the funny papers! I've actually been co-penciling the strip under the close supervision of long time Garfield strip artist Gary Barker and the Big Cat himself Jim Davis! (No relation!-- if I had a nickel every time I've been asked that one!) It's been a real thrill to see my work in the newspaper comics, since that's how I originally got interested in cartooning by copying and creating my own comic strips way back at age 9!

The Simpsons keep right on coming!

And keep an eye out for a couple of Simpsons issues I've inked stories in for Bongo Comics! Get them all! Even the ones I didn't ink! You won't be sorry!

Gem City Comic Con 2014

I'll be at the Gem City Comic Con at Wright State University at the dates listed. As usual I'll be taking commission orders ahead of time so email any requests. For advance orders I can offer full color markers, and at the show I'll be taking orders for pencil sketches. Stop by and say Hi!

Covers for Steed and Mrs. Peel!

Also known as The Avengers -- The English spy kind! I'm penciling and inking covers for BOOM's comic featuring the dynamic British spy duo. As fans know they have their own distinctive Pop Art flavor and it's been a blast to be associated with their latest adventures and to hear once again Steed say to Mrs. Peel, "We're needed!"

BATMAN! Brave and the Bold Trade Paperback

All three volumes of the Eisner nominated Brave and the Bold Trade Paperbacks are still on sale! Loved working with Sholly and Rick on this adaption of the CN animated series and love the fact that DC thought enough of it to release the entire series in collectible trades. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed working on them!

All Luck Adventures Comics Update!

Work forges ahead on my own comic (the preview art of All Luck Adventures in the Original Creations section). I've been drawing pages for Spy 66 and having a ball seeing it take shape. The issue will feature four heroic adventures. Spies, Cavegirls, Rocket men, and Fortune Hunters, plus action, action, action! The kind you used to find on Saturday morning cartoons and the great retro heroes from the golden age of comics and the funny papers! We'll let you know soon just where and when you can see all the fun!

Fun Facts

  • Dan drew the Blondie comic strip daily for a brief fill-in period for King Features.

    Fun Fact #1
  • Dan illustrated Harry Potter activity books that tied into the last six movies of the series.

    Fun Fact #2
  • Dan drew The Phantom for a Swedish comic book company, bringing an animated style to "The Ghost Who Walks".

    Fun Fact #3
  • Dan was the artist for a Cartoon Network Sunday comics page that appeared in Spain in the famous newspaper El Pais!

    Fun Fact #4

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