Dan Davis Art Pin-Up Artwork

Batman Gotham Print
Gotham City is a rich addition to the Batman mythos so here's a tribute to the Dark Knight's domain!

Batman Paint
Experimenting with some digital painting. I really like the wet look of the cape and blended colors!

Vader Pinup
A Star Wars sketch featuring a threatening Vader poised to strike!

Harley and Batman
Harley Quinn striking a pose near Batman.

Green Lantern
Hal Jordan coming at you.

Here comes Batman.

Batman from the Brave and Bold Comic Book series and Cartoon show.

King of the Seas and his "Outrageous" trademark saying, from the Batman series.

Classic 40's-50's style costume used on the Brave and Bold show.

Green Arrow
Batman's pal and rival in crime fighting.

Black Canary
One of Batman's female peers leaping into action.

Edgy mistress of nighttime Gotham City, playing by her own rules.

The posed pinup shot. A must for every cartoonist's arsenal at convention sketching!

Animated Batman
e Bat trio in an animated style. Superman always gets to pose with the flag, I thought it was Bats turn.

Justice League
The gang's all here ready for action. Except maybe for Flash.

Femme Fatale Trio
Three of the fan favorite Bat baddies!

Costumed as seen in the Superman and Justice League series. One of my favorite characters.

Samurai Jack
My Samurai Jack pin-up features the ever present Aku haunting his every move!

Teen Titans
From the animated series. I still have that catchy theme song in my head!

From the latest toy/comic book incarnation of the kid friendly, slightly "deformed" superheroes!

Batman Action
Batman's ready for anything. The animated style provides a sleek streamlined approach to superhero action!

Captain America
Kirby tribute to one of the greatest comic characters of all time. Rendered in markers here.

Iron Man
One of the iconic poses of Kirby's Iron Man! I momentarily left digital drawing to do these marker Kirby tributes.

The Hulk
It was fun to revisit these classic early Marvel Jack Kirby takes on these landmark characters.

The Thing
My favorite character was the Thing and favorite comic book was the Fantastic Four. Stan and Jack's version.

Silver Surfer
The Surfer was just -awesome. Before that word became overused! Kirby showed me the cosmos!

Fun Facts

  • Dan drew the Blondie comic strip daily for a brief fill-in period for King Features.

    Fun Fact #1
  • Dan illustrated Harry Potter activity books that tied into the last six movies of the series.

    Fun Fact #2
  • Dan drew The Phantom for a Swedish comic book company, bringing an animated style to "The Ghost Who Walks".

    Fun Fact #3
  • Dan was the artist for a Cartoon Network Sunday comics page that appeared in Spain in the famous newspaper El Pais!

    Fun Fact #4

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